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Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is our main focus and passion. It is the only type of fishing that encompasses so many enjoyable outdoor pursuits. Camping, hiking, survival skills, medium term strategy, relaxation, and mad thrills n skills!

Trout Fishing

As much as we love lying back in the bivvy waiting for Mr Carp to make the bite alarms sound... Wading through a river, or fly fishing at the side of a picturesque nature reserve is just bliss. Why carp and trout? Its what the bossman enjoys!

Adventure Fishing

If you started fishing as a kid, you will remember how every fishing trip was an adventure. As we get older, we need more of a challenge to get the heart racing and blood pumping. We scour the globe for such angling adventures!

Passion & Obsession

Passion & Obsession

9-5 to pay the mortgage? Saving the world? Not us, we'll be fishing and adventuring as much as possible. What's the meaning of life? Many say it's the pursuit of happiness. Enough said...
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It’s where the heart is…

But there’s no fishing there! It’s a great place to store equipment, prepare bait, and have a shower of course. We like to go trout fishing on reservoirs and rivers in the UK, particularly Scotland and Ireland. When budget allows, The United States and Canada are amazing. New Zealand is on the agenda so watch this space.

Our main passion? Carp Fishing all over the world. Nothing beats the social interactions with fellow carpers. Added to that is the amazing scenery, fresh air, camping, climbing… All the fun stuff that the kid in you never grows out of. Right?

Trout fishing and carp fishing have different images, and a different ‘type’ of angler associated, but both types of fishing have their attractions. (As is with every type of fishing – probably).

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